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African Heartland Journeys (AHJ) was founded in 2001 by Sean Price and Michael Denison. Sean and Mike’s enthusiasm and passion for South Africa’s environment, especially the rugged and remote coastline of the Wild Coast, the incredible diversity of our society and the powerful influence of nature on an individual’s wellbeing is the driving force behind the company’s success.

The growing years for AHJ, which included many a road side repair, late night arrivals into unknown (often unplanned) destinations and rural villages, blistered hands, stuck trucks and plenty of GPS work, laid the thorough foundation from which they now successfully optimize the Wild Coast.

Sean and Mike’s desire is for all clients to experience one of South Africa’s exceptional natural environments and culturally rich and diverse people in the most exciting and appropriate way. By Landrover, mountain bike, on foot, horseback and canoe, this exquisite region is explored.

The company has, over the past 6 years, worked very closely with Wild Coast communities, NGO’s and other tourism enterprises, playing an important role in development initiatives, training and supporting the establishment of community ventures.

African Heartland Journeys has incorporated their detailed knowledge of the Wild Coast, strong community network and operating experience in this rural region to build one of the Wild Coast’s most specialized and successful tour outfits.

With local and global attention turning to the Wild Coast, particularly the Pondoland area, AHJ has developed appropriately to ensure these diverse tourism markets have a safe, reliable and informed operator ground handling the coast. Sean and Mike have kept at the forefront of the region’s developments and the growth in their “Corporate Experiences” department through to the “Regional Exposure Tours” for Wild Coast stakeholders from government, NGO’s and press trips is testimony to their commitment and expertise in operations which take place on the Wild Coast.

More recently AHJ launched their Outreach and Volunteering department under the brand Volunteer Africa 32° south (VA32). The objectives for VA32 are to address key developmental initiatives on the Wild Coast and focus on rural education, conservation and humanitarian needs.

African Heartland Journeys
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