What visa requirements are necessary for foreigners?
Yes, foreigners do need visas for South Africa. It is your responsibility to check with both your embassy and the South African Embassy with regards to appropriate visas.

What to bring?
First Aid Kit

You should pack the following kit for all weather conditions, including:
- 2/3 shorts
- 1 jacket / anorak
- Tracksuit / pullover
- 2 pairs of long pants / jeans
- 2 pairs of walking shoes / boots / trainers
- 1 pair of sandals
- 3-4 T-shirts
- 2-3 long sleeve shirts
- smarter change of clothes
- swimwear
- sun hat; preferably one that covers the back of your neck
- raincoat
- kikoi / sarong

Your clothing should be easy to wash and dry and should preferably not need ironing. Avoid synthetics, which can be very uncomfortable in hot weather.
Take a set of casual but smart clothes for the occasional evening out in a restaurant or pub.
If you wear glasses or contacts, it is also advisable to bring a spare pair.

Additional Items:

- towel and facecloth
- personal toiletries
- torch
- camera and film
- suntan lotion
- sunglasses

What fitness level is recommended for Adventure Tours?
A reasonable level of fitness is required for Adventure Tours. For specifics on your particular tour, please consult with AHJ for advice.

What accommodation is used?
- We use a range of accommodations on the Wild Coast. For the more upmarket trips and tours, the Wild Coast hotels and small private lodges are used, where the average standard of 3-star hotels apply.
- On our student programmes, AHJ has partnered with various communities along the Wild Coast and developed a range of rural village-based accommodation

Do I need my own insurance?
Yes you do. We recommend all travelers get good travel insurance. Due to the remoteness or the regions visited on tour and activities done, we recommend you get insurance that includes Casavac (emergency air evacuation insurance).